Diesel Fuel Line Sizing Form

Providing an adequate fuel supply is very important for reliable operation of the diesel fire pump engine. All Clarke engines have limits on maximum lift capability of the fuel pump as well as maximum fuel head. These limits are published on the Installation and Operations (I&O) data.  Exceeding these limits can cause poor performance, fuel pump failure and lack of fire protection. The I&O data for each engine gives a minimum size for supply and return fuel line size. Minimum sizes are based on the engine and tank being no more than 10ft [3.3m] apart. And that the tank is installed such that the maximum fuel head is not exceeded. 

For fire pump engine applications with conditions different from the standard condition above, please provide the application specific site conditions to Clarke by filling in the information below. Please note that not all installations with distances exceeding 10ft [3.3m] will require upsized fuel lines. 

Engine Information

Fuel Line Information


Fuel Tank Information

Enter the height of the fuel tank supply connection above fuel pump centerline.
Enter either the max fuel height above fuel pump centerline - either max height in tank or max height of piping whichever is higher.

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