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Clarke Maintenance Kit Introduction from Clarke Fire Protection Products on Vimeo.

Regularly performed maintenance is critical for optimum engine performance. 

Introducing the Clarke Annual Maintenance Kit and the 2nd year Supplemental Maintenance Kit. Provided with service simplicity in mind, Clarke Maintenance Kits have been designed and assembled as per the recommendations of NFPA 25 (Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of water-based fire protection systems).

Clarke Maintenance Kits are designed around a two year replacement schedule. In the first year, the Clarke Annual Maintenance Kits include an oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, and zinc anode, which must be changed regularly. The 2nd year Clarke Supplemental Maintenance Kit includes replacement parts for coolant related items and common wear and tear components, such as belts, heat exchanger hoses, heater hoses, and gaskets which can crack over time with repeated usage.

Due to different engine bill of materials, the engine's original purchase date and serial number is required for ordering the 2nd year Supplemental Kit.

To learn more about Clarke Maintenance Kits or to order yours, contact Clarke Customer support by emailing or call 513-475-FIRE!

Please reference the following chart or brochure for ordering the best kit for your engine:

Maintenance Kit Brochure

Clarke Engine Models

Annual BOM Kit #

In Stock

2nd Year BOM Kit #

Built to Order

JU4H-UF10, 12, 20, 22, H0, H2, 40, 42, 50, 52, 58


Refer to Factory

JU4H-UF14, 24


Refer to Factory

JU4H-UF34, 54


Refer to Factory

JU6H-UFD0, D2, 30, 32, M8, M0, M2, 58, 50, 52, 60, 62, AAPG, AAQ8, AAS0, AARG


Refer to Factory

JU6H-UF34, 54, 84, 94, AAT0, AAT2, AAT8


Refer to Factory

JU4H-UFADP0, R0, W8, Y8, 98


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JU4H-UFAEA0, AE, E8, F2, ADJ2, J8


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JU6H-UFADMG, 5G, NG, N0, P8, 88


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JU6H-UFADP0, Q0, R0, T0, R8, S8, W8, X8, 98


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JW6H-UFADF0, J0, 70, 80, AA60, AA80


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JX6H-UFADF0, 60, N0, P0, 88


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DP6H-UFAAX8, 50, 88, 62, 70


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DQ6H-UFAA50, 60, 88, 98


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DR8H-UFAA40, 5G, 68, 62


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DS0H-UFAAM0, N0, 68, 60, 98, 92


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DT2H-UFAA60, 98, 92


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DT2H-UFAA58, 50, 88


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CAT18H0-UFAC176-0755, UFAC190-0755, UFAC210-0755, UFAD176-0800, UFAD190-0800, UFAD210-0800, UFAD176-0600, UFAD190-0600, UFAD210-0600, UFAD176-0650, UFAD190-0650, UFAD210-0650, UFAD176-0700, UFAD190-0700, UFAD210-0700


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