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April 10, 2018
Pursuant with our efforts of continuous improvement, we are discontinuing the availability of 3” standard carbon steel industrial silencers for purchase with our engines.   This does not affect the availability of Industrial Spark Arrest or Industrial 316SS silencer options. 

Heat exchanger cooled engines affected by this change will be limited to the KA4H-UFKA34, JU4H-UF14/24, JU4H-UF10/12/20/22, and our JU4H-UFAEA0/E8/F2/J8/J2 models.    Radiator cooled engines affected by this change include the JU4R-UF09/11/13/19/21/23 models. 

Please note:  All other silencer options (Residential, Critical) will still be available for the entire product range including the models listed above. 

For additional information, please contact Clarke at 513-475-3473 or email!