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March 13, 2020

DATE:  February 24, 2020

Clarke Fire Protection Products, Inc. ("Clarke") has determined a potential risk with a limited number of certain engine harnesses. Clarke is offering to replace these harnesses.

PRODUCT:  This program is limited to the harnesses connecting the engine instrument panel to the engine ECMs on the engines with the serial numbers listed on the following pages.  

The engines in this program were all manufactured and sold prior to February 16, 2020.

PROBLEM:  Clarke has discovered that engines with the original harness has the potential to falsely indicate an ECM fault code and undesirably and incorrectly shut down under certain conditions related to battery voltage.

REMEDY: To eliminate this possibility we have created a new wiring harness. This new harness and its installation are offered free of charge.

ACTIONS TAKEN/TO BE TAKEN:  Clarke has already contacted its customers who directly purchased the subject engines from Clarke.  Any end-users who have not been contacted regarding this program by their suppliers or Clarke should contact Clarke immediately. 

CLARKE CONTACT:  Clarke Customer Support at or call;

513-475-3473 (U.S.)

44-1236-429-946 (Scotland)

or visit the Clarke's web site at


ENGINES AFFECTED: All C18H0 sold prior to February 16, 2020.