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April 6, 2020

Dear Valued Customer:

It is difficult to discuss business during these trying times with Covid-19 affecting everyone globally. We hope you and your families are safe while we wait for Covid-19 to pass.

However, Clarke has just received our listings for our new variable speed, pressure limiting driver Caterpillar based engines as well as some new emissionized 1470 rpm ratings.

The new models will be added to our lead time sheet and are available with an 8 week lead time. The new model numbers and ratings are shown below:


Please note that our -D Discharge Pressure Limiting Drivers are UL/FM certified. Until further notice, the -S Suction Pressure Limiting Drivers and -DS Discharge/Suction Pressure Limiting Drivers are FM Approved only. UL certification for these models should be completed in the near future.

The website has been fully updated to support these new engines as well as our weekly lead time summary.

Clarke has also made available the following constant speed C18H series engines at 1470 RPM, without the PLD option.


Again, we apologize for discussing business during these difficult times, but this was a planned release for these new engines and we have had inquiries regarding this product. If you have any questions regarding the new release, please call or e-mail us. Meanwhile, we hope you and your families stay safe.

New C18H PLD Engines

New C18H 1470 RPM Engines. No PLD